Stations Of The Cross, Dunhill

Stations Of The Cross, Sacred Heart Church, Dunhill

Fernandez's Pieta

[ The picture shows Gregorio Fernandez’s Pieta. Click to zoom. ]

On this page we show you the Stations of the Cross tableaux that are on the walls of Sacred Heart church. You will be able to see them in close-up as you have probably never seen them before. Also, we will describe the scenes depicted at each station.

Please note that, if you wish to partake of the Stations as a devotion by contemplating the scenes and praying at each one, we would advise you to make use of other web sites such as THIS at Charles Borromeo Catholic Church.

If you are interested in the history and development of the Stations, we recommend The Way of the Cross on the Vatican web site.

You can see our own Stations of the Cross by using the menu on the left.