What, where, who?

What, where, who?

Parish calendar

“Mary! Where’s the parish calendar? You had it last!”

“No, I  hadn’t. You had it!”


“Johnny! Do you have the ‘phone number of the parish office?”

Dunhill church

“Mum, was Dunhill church built in 1879, or 1798 or 1589?”

We aren’t able to tell you where Mary put the parish calendar, but the parish calendar is on this web site. So is the ‘phone number of the parish office. When was the church built? We know, but we won’t tell you (it certainly wasn’t 1879 and it probably wasn’t 1589, or is this a trick question?). In this section you will find all kinds of useful and interesting information. There is a lot of information that we don’t have, too, and we will be asking parishioners to help us out in that respect.