Parish Graveyards Intro

Introduction To The Graveyard Database

Registering and Logging In/Out

It is no longer necessary to register or to log in or out in order to view the database for the parish graveyards.

Graveyard Masses:

In 2010, the graveyard Mass was said in the Church of the Immaculate Conception, Fenor, on Thursday August 5th, and in the Sacred Heart Church, Dunhill, on Tuesday August 10th. As the graves were looking particularly well, we took quite a few photos and have presented them in two albums for you to look at. We couldn’t show all the graves as there are too many so we simply showed a selection. You can see the photographs by going to the Parish Photo Albums. You can also view the graveyard data base by going to Parish, Parish Graveyards

Graveyards Information

The parish graves database currently contains more than 900 records for Dunhill and more than 800 records for Fenor , including empty plots.
The information in this database concerning the Dunhill graveyard was compiled from work previously done in Dunhill which was published on this website in pdf and MS Word documents. In respect of Fenor graveyard, the information was taken from headstone records and the graveyard records book. In addition we have been able to add photographs of all headstones in Fenor graveyard. In some cases there are no headstones and these are recorded in the database as a stone cross. In the event that there is a headstone but we do not have a headstone image, a small image stating this fact represents the headstone image. All records are contained in one database but, to facilitate faster loading for those with slower broadband speeds, we present the information in two sets, one for Dunhill graveyard and one for Fenor graveyard.

Every effort has been made to record the details accurately. However, as the inscriptions on some headstones are very faint or illegible in a small number of cases, it was not possible to be absolutely sure of the details. In addition, some headstones contain a lot of information and others very little. Where there are gaps in the information, perhaps family members could provide us with accurate information to make our database even more useful. Now that the major work of entering all the old records has been done, it is intended to keep this database up to date. We would be grateful if you would send any corrections or updated information to the parish Communications Team.