Pastoral Council Membership

Would you like to be a council member?

It’s a good thing to replace council members every now and then in order to bring in new ideas, new thinking, and new enthusiasm. According to the pastoral council’s constitution, about one third of the members must be replaced every year.
This normally takes place in October or November. However, it may happen that a member has to leave the council during the year for personal reasons and that person may be replaced immediately simply by invitation.
If you think you might like to become a member of the council, you need only contact any member of the council or send an e-mail or write to the pastoral council secretary (see the Parish Administration Contacts page).

What would you have to do?

As a member of the parish council you would attend the monthly meeting on the second Tuesday of each month (except July and August when there are no meetings). All you have to do is to listen to what is being discussed and give your own opinion, contribute your own ideas and suggestions for improving the pastoral life of parishioners, and accept some of the responsibility for making sure that the plans of the council are implemented.