Cemetery Regulations

Cemetery Regulations

The Parish Pastoral Council and the Graveyard Committees have published the amended and agreed version of Article 29, Paragraph 2 of the Dunhill and Fenor Cemetery Regulations in relation to new grave allocation in the parish. The amended and agreed version is as follows:

  1. New graves will be offered to all current residents in the geographical area of Dunhill and Fenor.
  2. New graves will be offered to all who were born here and lived here for a minimum of eight years.
  3. New graves will be offered to spouses / partners of those in number 2.
  4. Children of those in number 2 may only be buried in an existing grave.
  5. The holder of the right to burial may allow anyone else to be buried in their grave.
  6. Other situations not covered by the above may be referred for a decision to the Council which will
    treat each case with compassion.

N.B: The Council referred to at number 6 above consists of:

    • The Chairperson of the Pastoral Council
    • The Chairperson of the relevant Graveyard Committee
    • A second member of the relevant Graveyard Committee
    • The Priest or Administrator of the Parish.

Their decision will be final.

Graves in our cemeteries cannot be pre-purchased, but will be made available as the need arises.

In the event of a bereavement in a family, contact should be first made to a funeral director who, in turn,
will ensure that the relevant priest and relevant cemetery personnel are contacted.