Caretakers and Christenings

Fenor 1884 – 1984

Caretakers and Christenings in Fenor Church

Edmond Murphy, Fenor, was caretaker of Fenor church from 1910 until his death in 1934. He also served at the first Mass in Fenor church in 1894. His wife Margaret was also caretaker with him until 1960 when Mrs Tom Power took over. Eddie Murphy (Edmond’s son) took over the care of the churchyard at the age of fifteen years on the death of his father.

Jim Phelan of Churchhouse and Richard Hartley of Woodstown were both christened on the same day and were the first baptisms in Fenor church. Michael Hutchinson was the second christening. While the church was being built, Mass was said using the vault (flat tomb) as an altar.