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forgottenThe inscription on this stone in Fenor graveyard is:

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The Links

This is not a comprehensive list of links – that would require several pages – but we have included what we think are the most important links and, in addition, a few links that are themselves comprehensive.
For example, rather than list the two dozen links to the Irish dioceses, we have simply given a link to the Catholic Ireland web site which gives all of the diocesan links. Similarly, the Dunhill, Fenor, Boatstrand and Annestown Community web site gives a comprehensive list of local links.

2014 Ministers of the Word Fenor

2014 Rota for Ministers of the Word Fenor

11 Jan 2014 Ger Middleton
18 Jan 2014 Rita Byrne
25 Jan 2014 Paul Lynch
01 Feb 2014 Pat O’Shea
08 Feb 2014 Diarmid O’Flynn
15 Feb 2014 David Rockett
22 Feb 2014 Mary Murphy
01 Mar 2014 Joyce Cullinane
08 Mar 2014 Tony Power
15 Mar 2014 Ger Middleton
22 Mar 2014 Rita Byrne
29 Mar 2014 Pat O’Shea
5th April 2014 Paul Lynch
12 Apr 2014 Diarmid O’Flynn
19 Apr 2014 David Rockett
26 Apr 2014 Mary Murphy
03 May 2014 Joyce Cullinane
10 May 2014 Tony Power
17 May 2014 Ger Middleton
24 May 2014 Rita Byrne
31 May 2014 Paul Lynch
07 Jun 2014 Pat O’Shea
14 Jun 2014 Diarmid O’Flynn
21 Jun 2014 David Rockett
28 Jun 2014 Mary Murphy
05 Jul 2014 Joyce Cullinane
12 Jul 2014 Tony Power
19 Jul 2014 Ger Middleton
26 Jul 2014 Rita Byrne
02 Aug 2014 Paul Lynch
09 Aug 2014 Pat O’Shea
16 Aug 2014 Diarmid O’Flynn
23 Aug 2014 David Rockett
30 Aug 2014 Mary Murphy
06 Sep 2014 Joyce Cullinane
13 Sep 2014 Tony Power
20 Sep 2014 Ger Middleton
27 Sep 2014 Rita Byrne

2014 Ministers of the Word Dunhill

2014 Rota for Ministers of the Word Dunhill

Sunday 05 Jan Carol Jones
Monday 06 Jan Carol Jones
Sunday 12 Jan Willie Bloomer
Sunday 19 Jan Brendan Gallagher
Sunday 26 Jan Elizabeth Murphy
Sunday 02 Feb Carol Jones
Sunday 09 Feb Willie Bloomer
Sunday 16 Feb Brendan Gallagher
Sunday 23 Feb Elizabeth Murphy
Sunday 02 Mar Carol Jones
Sunday 09 Mar Brendan Gallagher
Sunday 16 Mar Willie Bloomer
Monday 17 Mar Willie Bloomer
Sunday 23 Mar Carol Jones
Sunday 30 Mar Brendan Gallagher
Sunday 06 Apr Elizabeth Murphy
Sunday 13 Apr Willie Bloomer
Sunday 20 Apr Carol Jones
Sunday 27 Apr Willie Bloomer
Sunday 04 May Brendan Gallagher
Sunday 11 May Elizabeth Murphy
Sunday 18 May Carol Jones
Sunday 25 May Willie Bloomer
Sunday 01 Jun Brendan Gallagher
Sunday 08 Jun “>Elizabeth Murphy

When you are unavailable for these dates please arrange a substitute.

On days when the choir is not singing. Anne Power may be available to substitute.

2014 Ministers of the Eucharist Fenor

2014 Rota for Ministers of the Eucharist Fenor

11 Jan 2014 Ann Solly
18 Jan 2014 Aidan O’Reilly
25 Jan 2014 Dan Cowman
01 Feb 2014 Pat Green
08 Feb 2014 Peg Curran
15 Feb 2014 Ann Solly
22 Feb 2014 Aidan O’Reilly
01 Mar 2014 Dan Cowman
08 Mar 2014 Pat Green
15 Mar 2014 Peg Curran
22 Mar 2014 Ann Solly
29 Mar 2014 Aidan O’Reilly
05 Apr 2014 Dan Cowman
12 Apr 2014 Pat Green
19 Apr 2014 Peg Curran
26 Apr 2014 Ann Solly
03 May 2014 Aidan O’Reilly
10 May 2014 Dan Cowman
17 May 2014 Pat Green
24 May 2014 Peg Curran
31 May 2014 Ann Solly
07 Jun 2014 Aidan O’Reilly
14 Jun 2014 Dan Cowman
21 Jun 2014 Pat Green
28 Jun 2014 Peg Curran
05 Jul 2014 Ann Solly
12 Jul 2014 Aidan O’Reilly
19 Jul 2014 Dan Cowman
26 Jul 2014 Pat Green
02 Aug 2014 Peg Curran
09 Aug 2014 Ann Solly
16 Aug 2014 Aidan O’Reilly
23 Aug 2014 Dan Cowman
30 Aug 2014 Mary Murphy
06 Sep 2014 Peg Curran
13 Sep 2014 Ann Solly
20 Sep 2014 Aidan O’Reilly
27 Sep 2014 Dan Cowman

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